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JESPAR iconPathways to Postsecondary Education and Beyond:
Maximizing Opportunities for Youth in Poverty

Date: January - June 2010

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In May 2009, UC/ACCORD convened a multi-disciplinary group of experts to discuss the problem of postsecondary access and completion for low-income youth. Discussion focused on what is known about the pathways to and through college for various low-income populations, as well as the best methods for studying the lives and educational experiences of youth in poverty.

Several attending authors were asked to contribute to a Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk (JESPAR) special issue that focuses on the postsecondary experiences and outcomes of specific low-income target populations. The special issue offers a timely and critical look at the experiences and outcomes of the most vulnerable segments of the schooling population, including low-income students of color, immigrants, single mothers, and disconnected youth. The interdisciplinary orientation of the issue provides a more holistic analysis of the problem and enriches the field’s understanding of the interconnections among the K–12 system, postsecondary education, and life outcomes of low-income youth. More important, it delves deeper into the educational experiences of youth who are the most marginalized. The collection of articles range from literature reviews, empirical studies, and policy analyses geared not only toward academic audiences, but also toward policymakers and practitioners.


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