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California Young Adult Survey

The California Young Adult Survey (CYAS) aims to document patterns of participation in postsecondary education, employment and civic engagement of 18-26 year olds in California. It will also look into the influence of high school programs and the barriers experienced by different demographic groups, including income levels, race, immigrant status, gender, single-mother status and experience with the criminal justice system.

The survey will be administered in 2011 by the Cal State Fullerton Survey Research Center. Data will include a phone survey of 2,000 respondents, including an oversampling of 500 low-income youth, and follow-up interviews.

This study will be attentive to the varying experiences of the state’s diverse population. Findings will contribute to scholarship and policy on the diversity of low-income sub-populations and help identify the barriers and opportunities that shape young adults’ educational, labor market and civic participation. 

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Caitlin Patler, Graduate Student Researcher, USC
William Rosales, Graduate Student Researcher, USC
Claudia Solari, Graduate Student Researcher, UC/ACCORD
Veronica Terriquez, Assistant Professor of Sociology, USC

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