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An important outcome of PATHWAYS to Postsecondary Success is the development of a comprehensive statistical indicator system for California. The system will produce web-based tools and reports that can monitor postsecondary success and adult transition of youth from low-income families.

The indicator system and products will also help inform policymakers and the public about the inequitable distribution of opportunities or conditions that critically influence success of marginalized youth.

The indicator research builds upon UCLA IDEA’s and UC/ACCORD’s annual reports highlighting the educational resources and opportunities that affect high school success and the inequitable distribution among marginalized and privileged students. The indicator project expands this critcal lens by focusing on the conditions that influence postsecondary success for various student populations.

The indicator system will draw from numerous available data sources across social sectors and will include: 

  • Status Indicators that measure and compare postsecondary success outcomes across demographic populations
  • Critical Condition Indicators that measure policy-alterable factors beyond the individual’s control that influence postsecondary opportunity

Together these indicators will provide information about how institutional interventions and policy strategies can stimulate the needed support for postsecondary success of youth from low-income families.



Rhoda Freelon, Graduate Student Researcher, UC/ACCORD
John Rogers, Director of IDEA and Associate Professor, Department of Education & Information Studies, UCLA


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