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San Diego


The San Diego case study will examine transitions between secondary and postsecondary institutions for 100 low-income students attending four different high schools in San Diego. Students will be interviewed and observed at various phases of their high school experience—as juniors, seniors or former students who attended but dropped out without attaining a diploma—over a two-year period. Focus will be on students’ decision-making and experiences as they prepare for and transition to a range of college pathways, including community college, propriety schools and four-year universities.

The San Diego case study will provide important insight into the period after students leave high school and the supports and barriers they confront as they access and enroll in higher education. The study will also investigate students from diverse low-income backgrounds, including refugees, both documentend and undocumented immigrants and students of color. The diversity of students and transitional pathways examined will allow researchers to examine across student experiences and college sectors for key interactional patterns between youth and postsecondary institutions.



Makeba Jones, Associate Project Scientist, CREATE
Hugh "Bud" Mehan, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, UCSD and Director of CREATE
Susan Yonezawa, Associate Project Scientis, CREATE


Recent Publications

Policy Report: April 2013 | No. 3

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Susan Yonezawa


Policy Report: April 2013 | No. 4

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How College Advising is Still Absent from College Preparation in High Schools

Makeba Jones

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